Encrypted Messenger

Encrypted Messenger 4.0

Encrypted Messenger is an add-on program for most instant message programs
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4.0.0109 (See all)

Encrypted Messenger is an add-on program that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages through several popular (and some not so popular) Instant Message Programs.
Key Features
-Updateable Config File To Add Support for almost any program
-RSA and Blowfish Encryption
-Simpler User Interface
-Free Lite Version Built into Main Program
-Send Encrypted Files through firewalls and NAT setting (if you can surf the web, you can send a file)
-Build in branding for resellers available (contact us for details)
-Free basic version you can send to your friends who don't want to purchase the full version. (With the free version, you can receive encrypted chats, but CAN NOT start them) -- All they have to do is continue using Encrypted Messenger 3. After the 15 day trial they can only use it as the lite version.
-Built In Screenshot Capture, Encrypt and Send. (Just click on the screenshot button, and it will grab a screenshot, encrypt and send it.)

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